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Plum Cove Beach, Gloucester MA
by goldcoast on 

Great, deep, cold-water beach on a hot day. Located on 

outer  Washington St. in the Bayview/Lanesville 

neighborhoods. Police do ticket in the lot across the street

so drop your crew and gear off, go park legally and jog, walk,

bike back to the beach.

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The best things on Nantucket are off the well traveled path, or hidden in plain sight
by goldcoast on 

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New Regulation Gives the Danvers Sewer Division the Authority to Inspect Properties Prior to a Real Estate Transfer, Sale or Closing
by goldcoast on 

Informative article from Danvers Patch related to transfers of any home and business located in Danvers MA.

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Shopping Local - Localnomics
by goldcoast on 

Danvers, Andover, Belmont, Concord, Melrose, Lynnfield, Natick


- A home that is acquired more efficiently will result in a  less operational costs. That converts to free time for the patio, to develop interests such as polo lessons  ( discovery of the best ice-cream in the county, finding the best hidden location to celebrate a sunset, setting up a tripod or easel, browsing an athenaeum (, volunteering ( or discovering a new museum (


- IF a meal tastes better because the ingredients are locally sourced THEN using a local mortgage company that pays local taxes, employs on-shore staff, and uses only local vendors will result  in a better home (financing experience).


- A piece of our profits go to support an extensive list of local charities – we also pay taxes at the municipal and state level which go directly back into schools, education and public safety.


- We are passionate about supporting small business and hiring locally owned and operated businesses, vendors and partners.

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Loan Limits (non Jumbo) for eastern Massachusetts
by goldcoast on 

 Essex County Mortgage Lending limits in MA

2015 Loan Limits (non Jumbo) for

Essex, Suffolk, Middlesex counties of

Massachusetts counties are as follows:
Single Family $517,500
Two Family $662,500
Three Family $800,800
Four Family $995,200
This limits are also referred to Agency Jumbo, High Balance and Super Conforming.

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Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod
by goldcoast on 

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Welcome Jeff Rolke to Team GoldCoast
by leightonoc on 
Jeff Rolke, mortgage specialist, of Salem MA.
As we move forward and grow our Business Partnerships it is crucial that we have team members who live and breathe the theme of placing our Business Partners and Clients before ourselves.  Please meet Jeff and witness his selflessness, learn from his experiences, and listen to his goals for what the future holds.

I promise you this, our Business Partnerships are: productive, enriching to all, and perpetually advancing. If you are a recipient of our Partners Pledge you realize how serious we treat this. We are committed to making the New England business community a more rewarding place to live and work for our Partners and Clients.

Please allow Jeff to demonstrate ways to add value in ways that do not even include real estate or mortgages.

We are relationshipcentric and we are here to serve our Partners and Clients.

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