Shopping Local – Localnomics

Shopping Local – Localnomics

A home that is acquired more efficiently will result in a less operational costs. That converts to free time for the patio, to develop interests such as polo lessons, discovery of the best ice-cream in the county, finding the best hidden location to celebrate a sunset, setting up a tripod or easel, browsing an athenaeum, […]

Marblehead’s Secret Passage Ways

From wherever they lived and worked on land, early residents of Marblehead walked the most direct paths to the harbor and ocean that were their livelihood. While many of these historical pathways have disappeared over the years, eighteen are still open for public use – eight in downtown Marblehead and ten on Marblehead Neck. Though […]

Fall Foliage Leaf Peeping

A passive New England activity that is as quintessential New England as The Ivy League, New England Patriots, and apple cider donuts. We pose the case: why burn the petrol and log a couple hundred miles on your odometer heading up North. Save the fuel cost, the motel expense and reinvest the drive time into […]

The Best Things On Nantucket

If you are visiting the island of Nantucket, the over-sand tour to Great Point is a “must do”. Visit to learn more about the schedule and shuttle from in-town. The lighthouse tour is a once-in-a-lifetime bonus. The best things on Nantucket are off the well-traveled path, or hidden in plain sight.

Plum Cove Beach, Gloucester MA

The Plum Cove Beach Great, deep, cold-water beach on a hot day. Located on outer Washington St. in the Bayview/Lanesville neighborhoods. Recommended Beach Parking Police do ticket in the lot across the street so drop your crew and gear off, go park legally and jog, walk, bike back to the beach.