Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time

The U.S. Senate surprised pretty much everyone earlier this year when it unanimously approved a bill to make daylight savings time permanent. Known as the Sunshine Protection Act of 2021, the bill would end the regular yearly clock changes we’ve grown accustomed to.

2023 Jumbo Loan Limits

Yes – from $647,200 to $715,000 available immediately and into 2023. There aren’t too many financial topics where inflation is considered a good thing. Taxpayer income brackets, I-Bonds, Social Security indexing, and Cost-of-Living (pay) increases are a few that come to mind.

Guaranteed Payments to Partners Mortgage

You’ve just been made a Partner at your firm. Congratulations. Because you can now truly afford it, you opt to purchase a home that was previously out of reach. Except maybe you’re not.

In mortgage underwriting-land, when you alter your pay methodology, you also enter into a new classification of underwriting (there are several).

First Steps Home Buying

Without bias, I’m going to let my author-self write like this is instructions to my children. Before taking any “First Steps to Home Ownership” you will need to plot a course. The investment in that plan will have a tremendous return on the time to create it. With a completed written plan course map you will take fewer overall steps in the process.

Working As A Mortgage Loan Originator

How is GoldCoast different than other mortgage companies? We are unlike other companies in our industry. In truth, we are, at the core, different than any other business or business model. What makes the GoldCoast business model unique? We don’t sell. Ever. We add true value and solve problems, yet we are detached from the […]

Interest Rates House Prices

How will rising interest rates affect the future price of buying a new home? There’s more at play here than only soaring interest rates.

Buy or Rent

Should I renew my apartment lease or buy a home for myself? You’re curious about options and curiosity is a great mindset to be in. It sure beats asking questions later like, “How do I break my lease?” or “how did my new home lose so much value?”

Mortgage and Divorce

The keyword in the answer to this question is “amicable” as in the communication and resulting terms being such. With the support of the goal of one party keeping the house by both parties, it can be done.

2022 Mortgage Rates

Thinking about buying a home in 2022? If so, you may be keeping a close eye on current mortgage rates. It can be hard to predict how rates will change in a given year, and rates alone aren’t the only thing to consider when buying a home, but they do have an impact on your finances.

Maritime History of Massachusetts

The coast of Massachusetts played a central role in U.S. history, helping establish the country’s maritime trade system. It was also central to George Washington’s naval campaigns during the Revolutionary War.

Elias Derby

Elias Hasket Derby was a wealthy resident of Revolution-era Salem, Massachusetts, but he also owned a fleet of ships that helped change the course of history. Born the son of a sea captain in 1739, Elias Derby would never go to sea. But the sea would play an important role in his life.

George Cabot

John Cabot (1744-1821) is perhaps the most studied and recognized historic figure, but his brother, George Cabot (1751-1823) was also an important figure. Here are some interesting facts about George you may want to know if you’re considering a move to Beverly, Massachusetts.

Boston Massachusetts Work-From-Home (WFH) Real Estate

Homes outside Boston, along with homes in rural areas of Massachusetts, are in high demand. Living in Western MA or even on Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard, yet working for a Boston-based company, is now a convenient reality many enjoy.

2022 Jumbo Loan Limits

The 2022 National Conforming Loan Limits (available now at GoldCoast Mortgage) have taken a huge jump forward. The Jumbo Mortgage Limit received a robust expansion of value as well. The conforming loan limit is available nationwide and does not have any limitations per county. 

Broker vs Lender vs Bank

A mortgage broker, like any financing entity such as a bank, credit union, or direct lender should provide a specialty. Call it a niche or a competitive advantage. But NO company can be all things to all people. The closer you inspect the more you’ll be able to discern the specialty.