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About Beverly, MA

The City of Beverly MA (01915) is a 15 square mile seaside gem that hugs 7 miles of ocean coastline including expansive frontage along the Bass and Danvers (in Beverly) Rivers. There are nook and cranny beaches as well as ocean front parks with expansive lawns, sunken Italianate gardens and a host of “pocket parks” as well as ocean Right-of-Ways waiting to still to be discovered by many new residents.

Annually Beverly closes it’s downtown area to host a Block Party with live bands and Beer Gardens. Homecoming is a 10-day long August festivity including fireworks, tours, food and coastal events.

A winding side-walked coastal route (Rt 127) is a fav for cyclists and walkers. It has an artsy downtown (including Montserrat College of Art) with a dozen coffee shops which you are not unlikely to see the Mayor at as a customer. As of 2020 there are several breweries and an abundance of open-air dining options in the farer season.

Boston can be accessed from Beverly through one of 5 commuter rail stations

Beverly has 5 elementary schools (Hannah, North Beverly, Ryal Side, Cove, and Centerville) a state-of- the-art Middle School, and a relatively new High School.

Because we strongly uphold to the believe that “Comparison is the Thief of Joy” instead of comparing Beverly, and it’s schools, to it’s peers we are going to provide metrics that allow you to factor more in to your opinion of Beverly.

In the 2016 Presidential election Beverly voted voted Blue nearly 2 to 1 over Red

Republican: 6,878

Democrat: 13,046

The residential Tax Rate is on the low/medium side at $13.21 per thousand with an average home tax bill of $6,761. (annual tax on homes range from $4K to $15K in eastern Massachusetts)

Boston can be accessed from Beverly through one of 5 commuter rail stations, 4 of which have parking. There is also highway access via Ted Williams Tunnel, Sumner Tunnel, Tobin Bridge, or Route 93 as well as alternative ground routes for cyclists.

Beverly invests in $56.9 million in teacher and schools through its annual budget.

The MCAS Tests from the most recent year shows Beverly’s performance above State average for the Higher/Advanced/Proficient levels and lower than State Average for the Needs Improvement/Warning-Failing categories (less students in these lower categories).

The housing stock in Beverly has been almost fully gentrified. Once a factory/mill town, the former industrial workers apartments have mostly been condo-ed or upgraded.

The old factories and mills have been converted into housing and professional office space. In the past 5 years an abundance of new apartment building been built to meet the needs of professionals relocating to Beverly to access to the commuter rail to Boston and to enjoy Beverly’s other coastal amenities.