Falling Mortgage Interest Rates

Falling Mortgage Interest Rates

Should I wait for rates to come down before buying a house? This may be the most complicated question that could be asked of anyone. Your wait may be over after reading this article on what drives mortgage interest rates.

2024 Jumbo Loan Limits

The new 2024 conforming loan limit for all of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine are out. These conforming programs are for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages which offer low downpayment options, first-time home-buyer benefits, and the strength of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s low interest rate pricing.

Helping Child Buy A Home

The worst thing that you can possibly do is “buy” a house for your children. If you truly want to help – and I introduce here the stark difference between enabling and helping – then you must be strategic, deliberate, and overly communicative.

Reverse Mortgage Alternatives

If you have some stream of income and your credit is still intact, we can now take a look at comparing a reverse mortgage against a forward mortgage. While these two product types are not a perfect overlay of each other, one can function as the other if you’re willing to make some concessions on the absolutes of each program.

Buying Parents Home

Just by asking this question you have a winning lottery ticket in your hand. Your parents have a house to potentially sell you. That’s a rare scenario. Many parents may not own a house and of those that do – (B) most of those homes wouldn’t warrant your interest in buying it and other reasons.

Self-Storage Northeastern Massachusetts

This article will guide you through the labyrinth of options available and what you should consider if you’re in the market for self-storage units.

Crumbling Home Foundations Epidemic In MA

In 2020, MassLive reported that at least 2,000 homes in Massachusetts have crumbling foundations due to pyrrhotite. The state estimated at the time that the cost to fix all these homes would total $350 million. Roughly, fixing the problem would cost $150,000 to $250,000 per house.

Boston Apartment Reviews

Landlords are in the investment business – buying apartment buildings to provide a Return-on-Investment (R.O.I) to an investment fund that owns the building. The best way to increase the investment value of an Apartment portfolio is to boost the profitability of it.

Inflation Home Prices Boston

A mortgage is one of the best financial product inflation hedges ever created. What do I mean by inflation hedge? Let’s call it protection against inflation, or totally outside of the effect of inflation.

Selling Home Without Realtor

Can I Sell My House without a Realtor? Yes. You absolutely can. It’s legal to do so and you don’t need a license to sell your own home. For every vote that you can do it yourself, you will get 99 votes that you shouldn’t. This answer is the 1 vs the 99. To sell […]

Removing Spouse from Mortgage

About 100 times per year (twice a week) I dance around the subject of both spouses securing the mortgage obligation when buying their first home. For most home purchases we participate in, one spouse has the ability to carry the debt (qualify) without using the other’s income.

Signing An Apartment Lease

An apartment provides you with a safe place to operate from and clean accommodations for your life. Here is a list of some of the things funny and practical that you can’t do from your apartment – only in your own home.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage ARM

I debrief ARMs in detail on our website: ARM Debrief. But am compelled to write to you today based on the ludicrous volume of advocacy for the ARM as a workaround to the rate increase of the Fixed Mortgage.

2023 Jumbo Loan Limits

Yes – from $647,200 to $715,000 available immediately and into 2023. There aren’t too many financial topics where inflation is considered a good thing. Taxpayer income brackets, I-Bonds, Social Security indexing, and Cost-of-Living (pay) increases are a few that come to mind.

Guaranteed Payments to Partners Mortgage

You’ve just been made a Partner at your firm. Congratulations. Because you can now truly afford it, you opt to purchase a home that was previously out of reach. Except maybe you’re not.

In mortgage underwriting-land, when you alter your pay methodology, you also enter into a new classification of underwriting (there are several).