Self Employed Home Buying During Covid

The Self Employed among us have always had a slightly tougher go of it when it comes to financing (of any type). There’s a “pulse check” mid-process. You’ve been slaying it for several years but the Lender wants to know that you’re doing well right now.

Dropping PMI

What is PMI and Why to you Need It? You pay mortgage insurance against your potential default. PMI is an insurance (that’s the “I” in the acronym). While you derive a benefit from PMI (which is your ability to buy a home without a 20% down-payment), the insurance isn’t for your protection.

Buying During Covid-19

A pandemic itself is not a reason to buy a house. Nor is worldwide contagion a reason NOT to buy a house. But know you’re not going to get a good deal on your next house because of Covid-19 (It’s not an opportunity).

1% Listing Fee

1% Listing Fee Explained I enjoy a good industry disruption. It challenges complacency. A disruption can bring about savings and efficiency to consumers. It encourages competition and watch how quickly everyone else steps up their game! There are dozens of industries craving disruption including ours (working on it!), title insurance, and real estate sales to […]

Simultaneous Purchase

It’s typical for our clients to buy and sell (and move) on the same day. Allow us to help you coordinate all the necessary steps involved.

Be the Winning Bid

Buying a home in Massachusetts inside of Route 495 (and outside) has become a competitive blood sport. Even more if the veins and arteries of Boston’s commuter rail, rapid transit (the “T”), or main highway routes stretch into your destination city or town.

Chicken or the egg?

I am asked this question every week …. for the past 1032 weeks. Often more than once per week. This may be the most frequently asked question we encounter, besides “how are the rates?”

Spring Market

Before my blood was transfused with 100% blood type RE (real estate) I used to think the Spring Market was similar to what the auto dealers did with President’s Day. Gimmicky, sales-y, running their own ads and promoting their own agenda; hijacking a day from George and Abe so the non-skiers among us would feel insecure with their current car.