Robert Rantoul

Robert Rantoul

If you drive north to Beverly from Salem, you’ll cross the Veterans Memorial Bridge, the bridge that links the two cities over the Danvers River. Once across, you’ll reach a fork in the road and you’ll have to make a choice. Should you go right, or left? Each street will take you deeper into the […]

Lynch Park Rose Garden in Beverly

Lynch Park is one of the most beautiful and popular locations in Beverly. It’s often used for weddings, concerts, children’s events, and outdoor social gatherings of all kinds. If you stop by Lynch park on a weekend during the warmer months, you’ll usually find plenty of park-goers lounging, strolling the grounds, or sunbathing at the […]

Living in a “Commonwealth” State Like Massachusetts

If you’ve spent any time in Massachusetts or watched our local news channels, you may have heard someone refer to the state simply as “the Commonwealth.” There can sometimes be some confusion about what this means and how the name differentiates Massachusetts from other states. Here, we’ll explore what living in a commonwealth means, both […]

Difference Between a City and a Town in Massachusetts

If you move to Massachusetts from another state, you may realize quickly that most Bay Staters identify themselves by the town or city they’re from. For example, you’ll meet plenty of people who are from Beverly, Essex, and Gloucester, but you’ll rarely meet anyone who says they are “from Essex County.” Only a portion of […]

History of the Montserrat Neighborhood

If you ask anyone who lives in Beverly whether they’re familiar with the Montserrat neighborhood, they’ll likely say, “of course!” But if you ask them where the neighborhood begins and ends, they might not be able to give you an accurate description.  Some Beverly residents might direct you to the Montserrat College of Art, a […]

Relocating to Massachusetts

What do I need to know about relocating to Massachusetts? So a little depends on where you are coming FROM but more importantly WHY you are coming here. How would these two attributes be important you ask? You’re either being drawn to Massachusetts (examples: work or school, relationships, culture + lifestyle, or natural attributes such […]


Wayland is a 15.9 square mile town in Middlesex Country, Massachusetts, located in the MetroWest area around Boston. Wayland was the first settlement of the Sudbury Plantation (as it was originally known), which was established in 1638.


The Town of Medfield (02052) is a 14.59-square-mile community in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, southwest of Boston. It’s beloved for its excellent public schools, family-friendly atmosphere, and abundant parks.


Officially known as the “Town of Braintree,” Braintree is a 14.5 square mile town in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, just south of Boston. Like other towns in New England, Braintree is named after a town in England.


Melrose (02176) is a 4.8-square-mile city in Middlesex County, Massachusetts and is part of the Greater Boston area. It’s generally regarded as a great place to live due to its vibrant community, its proximity to Boston, and its great public schools.


Salem MA (01970) is an 18.1 square mile city on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Its biggest claim to fame is the infamous history of the 1692 Salem witch trials, which have long shaped the city’s historical and cultural identity — Salem even has the nickname, “Witch City.”


The City of Beverly MA (01915) is a 15 square mile seaside gem that hugs 7 miles of ocean coastline including expansive frontage along the Bass and Danvers (in Beverly) Rivers.