Home Buyers Kit

Home Ownership is a Competitive Sport. How will you win?

Meet “Peter Purchase” your homebuyer planner. Peter lives and works here (in our Commonwealth) not there (at a call center in a different time zone). If you decide to work with us (and we decide to work with you) you will most likely meet Peter, in person, if you would like to. 

He is a licensed loan officer in Massachusetts. Peter can do 25 things that a loan officer in Detroit can never do for you (more about that later). 

Many of the home buyers we have guided first met with us, in a living-room-style setting or a scheduled evening conference call (or other preferred time). That meeting allows us to exchange motives and relevant details, that simply could never be done through an app or distracted email volley. We consider these intake meetings vital to the success of your mission. Without them, sometimes later we could wonder, what went wrong and how something got missed.

We have found out that there are two ways to run the circuit:

Pro-actively  – you lead the race with knowledge, confidence, and resources,


Reactively – each corner you turn reveals a stage you were not expecting. The stage appears different. Actors are wearing different period costumes … and they are speaking a language foreign to you.

Reactive costs more.  You lose your ability to make a timely decision, or worse, be forced into an action like waiving your home inspection contingency when you damn well could have known that was a type of predictable pitch coming your way. Reactive means you are in suspense, relying on things and people with opposing values. These people you are relying on will very seldom share your own motives (they’re not the ones moving into this prospective house with a dog that senses your stress level… they don’t even know you HAVE a dog!).

The alternative, leading Pro-Actively, is leading as a Boss. Owning it. Designing everything for your success. It’s having the confidence to say thanks, but NO thanks.

How do you get to this position?

YOU don’t. YOU can’t. Just like one person cannot win a Superbowl or Championship, even a solo sport like the high jump, or tennis. There’s always a Team underneath. Or a least a coach or maybe an advocate. An individual needs help to do it.  

The transformation to proactive requires you to be vulnerable and go “all in” with your Team. 

Choosing the right Team, I cannot overemphasize this enough, contains ALL the victories. It’s really the only way to compete and win, without losing your soul in the journey.

John Donlon, Co-founder, GoldCoast Mortgage Service, Inc.

“and therein resides your cornerstone decision.” who are you going to select to represent you on this journey?

We know we’re not the right teammates for everyone. That’s OK. If we can’t bring value to your quest then we haven’t earned a place on your Team.  

However, we’re the ONLY Teammates that will tell you things like:

“the escalation clause you’re about to sign is akin to a $100K Buy-In to a poker tournament and you are being mandated to wear mirrored sunglasses.”

So what are these 25 things only we can do?

There’s probably a book in us to write someday. But we watch the big picture. The $100K mistakes (they happen more than you can ever imagine).  These are things that only come with curiosity and determination. And it’s really more like 2,500 things …. Recalling properties that have struggled for sale for years until a naive or new buyer arrives (what are they hiding?), reading (and remembering) news articles about contaminated aquifers, meeting your home inspector if you’re tied up at the hospital, walking your dog if your meeting runs late, taking a ferry to an island to meet your contractor because your patient needs you, having the cell number of a crane operator to remove a tree through your roof, finding a boiler repair person when yours isn’t responding to you. Saving your deal because everyone else is melting down. And then YOU realize you’ve found your place on the correct team.

If you want to interview us to play for YOUR Team – let’s think about moving this to a live convo. 

Click here to begin the interview and we can determine if we meet each other’s criteria to work together.

And if you’re wondering if a concierge-level mortgage broker costs more to work with? I’ll answer with this: we couldn’t be the best possible team player if we were a more expensive option. More than likely you’ll achieve the lowest (realistic) rate and a service level that does not exist anywhere else.