How do I apply for UWM’s Conquest Mortgage Rates?

If you’re on this page you probably saw an ad for UWM’s Conquest program. GoldCoast Mortgage is a Broker Partner with United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) a Lender who offers the Conquest program.

Conquest offers key features including rates that start in the (high) 1’s. The program is probably a consideration ONLY for those in their “forever home” as the investment needed to obtain these low-interest rates is substantial.

UWM is very clever. They went after a lower section of the rate sheet where these rates aren’t typically available through banks and other lenders. It’s very appealing to see this rate structure in print.

It may be a bit of “shock and awe” to see a FIXED RATE appearing as 1.99% especially when the zero point market rate is significantly higher.

We have some ultra-competitive clients who looked at the investment (points) in obtaining these low rates and they decided that buying down their rate was a worthwhile investment (perhaps compared to the interest rates on a savings account or CD).

We’d be happy to help you process the mathematical pros and cons of this program with you.

We’ve closed several of these applications and the clients seem ultra-satisfied with the rate that they get to brag about to their family and friends!

Email Matt Teeter at and use the word “Conquest2021” in the subject line.

We look forward to learning more about your objectives and helping you understand and process this unique and awesome program offered by UWM.