Free services for first time Home Buyers

Challenges & Obstacles First-Time Home Buyers May Be Facing: Homeownership has been obscured by overgrowth too thick to cut with a tenant’s machete. First time home buyers don’t know where to find services to guide them.

Asinine housing prices, rising or falling interest rates based on the day of the week, and the availability of future housing inventory are topics dripping with media saturation jeopardizing the charge on your mobile phone and perhaps your sanity. For-Sale Open-Houses with parking on the next block. The offer process is similar to a sealed bid auction.

Combine that with monolithic corporations like BlackRock and Invitation Homes sniping every available home for sale, pillaging the inventory from the availability of homeowners-to-be. Home buying fears and unknowns are paralyzing. We’re on the verge of an entire generation “giving up” on homeownership.

How will you participate in home ownership? On your own, most likely you can’t; just like any winning athlete has a mentor or coach behind them — you’ll need professional home-buying services.

Homeownership is a journey unique to each future buyer. Due to your prior relationship with housing, it isn’t possible to follow a one-size-fits-all path to homeownership; doing so is a recipe for frustration and increases the likelihood that you’ll abandon the project before you become a homeowner. After that false start returning to the project doesn’t become easier.

Our Home Buying Sevices are delivered in three progressive phases containing over 30 proprietary processes tested and delivered in our 6,000 applied outcomes spanning 2.5 decades.

1. Conceptual 

Our Home Buying Service guidance starts with the “why” behind your pursuit of housing. GoldCoast begins the journey with our proprietary Home Ownership Score® as a preliminary way to establish your relationship with housing-to-date along your journey. 

2. Pragmatics

This will lead you to become confident with the decision to continue your journey as: 
A tenant. Yes. Really. Imagine discovering your personality is better suited for renting. Wouldn’t that be a life-altering mental victory if it was the case – FUTAB?


You may be red-pilled awakened to the pursuit of owning a home. GoldCoast provides a Home Buying Service for planning and full scale architecture over an “as-needed timeline.” Timelines have been months, some years. We do not charge for these home-buying services.

3. Deliverables

Our consistency over decades, plus being one of the earlier licensed mortgage corporations in the United States attests to our commitment to providing housing solutions. We will be able to assist you with our Free Services for First Time home buyers from start to finish even if your project takes 5 years. 

First Time Home Buyer is smiling in front of the home which he utilized extensive free home buyer services from GoldCoast Mortgage.

Meet Lou Sport

(Lou gave me his permission to talk about his journey to help other people become homeowners).

Lou arrived at my office out of breath as he literally ran after parking to avoid being late. He suspected that I held a key that had been previously hidden to his parents and also to Lou, for his 66 years on the planet and didn’t want to risk starting off our convo on the wrong foot by being tardy. Lou had a common theme with several of our favorite clients over the decades:

He had been previously told by both a bank and a large mortgage company that he wasn’t lendable.

Laughed on out of the bank.

It took a decade of wandering around with bruised confidence.

Then a series of auspicious handshakes for Lou to arrive at GoldCoast. What Lou had – that I knew would equate to homeownership – was a lack of entitlement.

Over our initial discussion, I learned Lou was willing to work on this project. Harder than most people could or ever would. And he did. For over two years.

Our team and Lou were standing proud two years into his project of amazingly completed homework assignments (pun not intended) related to historical debt and credit obligations, prior military service, stepping up employment hours, ruthless saving campaigns, and debt management – when I received a frantic call from Lou:

His landlord had served him eviction papers.

The eviction wasn’t for non-payment of rent – Lou was paying rent under GoldCoast guidance like clockwork. He was being evicted for possession. His landlord needed to kick Lou to the curb in order to sell the building.

Lou’s consistent residency history was needed for his homebuying project. As was his last month’s rent credit and the return of his security deposit. All intricate pieces of a complicated puzzle. Lou’s vine swing from tenant to home ownership would fall short without this piece of housing stability.

“John, I don’t think this was ever meant to be,” Lou said exasperated with a constable’s notice still in his hand. This was foreign to Lou. And it was frighteningly unnerving to me.

“Let’s get some counsel on this Lou,” and I turned to a lawyer familiar with tenant law and detailed the topic to him. With counsel, we were able to pump the brakes on the eviction. This gave us the time necessary to assemble the remaining pieces and get Lou over the finish line to become a homeowner.

Each minute of reading above represents about 1 year in my journey working with Lou.

Lou stands proudly in front of the actual home he purchased after a multiple year process utilizing free home buyer services through GoldCoast Mortgage.

We firmly believe that the universe placed each member of our team here at GoldCoast for a reason.

There are only specific people capable of acting as guides on this journey providing services for homebuyers and they can only be found here at GoldCoast.

What Home Ownership aspirations do you have that we can uncork from a lantern?

Our Home Ownership guidance is free. Compensation for our Home Buying Services comes at the time we arrange financing.
Yet we don’t charge more than other banks or mortgage companies – hence our guidance is free to you, for you. And never is there a hint of an obligation that a client needs to engage our financing.

We provide our home buying services and guidance in bottomless quantities. No other guide can or will do this.

Actual online review from client detailing the free first time home buyer services obtained through GoldCoast mortgage as follows: 
We had an incredible experience with Matt Teeter at GoldCoast. As a first time home buyer navigating the crazy marketing during the summer of last year he was an excellent resource to us, going above and beyond to share his valuable insight. He is transparent, accessible, and all around a very nice guy.
Side note: I do believe he is the reason why we got the home that we did during such a competitive time, due to his accessibility on a Sunday evening – when the seller was reaching out to the buyers’ banks for references, Matt was one of the few who answered their phones (as several bing banks are closed during this time).
Highly, highly recommend going with this group. Everybody we interacted on this team was so nice and accommodating: not to mention, watching them collaborate with my attorney and realtor as we progressed towards closing date was incredible – seamless work! Definitely a well-oiled machine.

If you’ll allow me the analogy, once you’re buckled in the race car, your helmet strapped under your chin, and the motors revved loudly, you’ll need constant Home Purchase guidance from us to complete the circuit and not abruptly meet the guardrail. Crashing on the home buying circuit signifies a financial loss that could have been avoided, buying the wrong home, entering into unbalanced relationships with professionals you hire, or buying the correct home via a process that leaves you feeling taken advantage of.

I couldn’t list all the failures I’ve seen. It would be too long to read. But they lurk beneath the waterline every day of the week. Some professionals incredulously earn a living acting entirely in their own interest contrary to their client’s best interest. Tisk-tisk.

How they survive in the day and age of social media is impossible to fathom – but often they keep their home buyer client reviews obscured beneath a freight load of paid advertising which you need to wade through to find them. It took me an hour to find this example of a household-name professional service provider.

They are guilty of masking their true online reputation behind $$$ millions in advertising

Invest a minute now, to save yourself hours later.
Visit to opt out of unsolicited sales calls and nefarious Trigger Lead spam calls.

None of these calls will enhance your quality of life and many are the starting point for fraud and identity theft.

GoldCoasts’ Free Services for First Time home buyers include these proprietary incremental processes:

Establishing the Buyer’s Relationship with Housing.

Establishing the Buyer’s Relationship with Housing.

This includes reviewing and discussing housing history, stability, housing insecurity (prior homelessness or experience with eviction), fear of commitment, aspirations, tempering unrealistic expectations, and identifying and diffusing housing entitlement (I deserve a large house with an inground pool).

Discussing the temporary decision to Rent vs. the irreversible commitment to Own.

Decision to Rent vs. the irreversible commitment to Own.

Many mistakes can be unwound easily with some time and mild expense – but real estate is not one of those. People can easily get “trapped” by a home or property – from our experience we’ve seen countless cases span soul-depleting decades. The pre-game is where it’s at. Concept. Test. Enact. But don’t jump without looking. Free Services for First Time home buyers includes our assurance that we won’t push you into a home you shouldn’t be in.

Renting typically isn’t a Financial Mistake.

Renting typically isn’t a Financial Mistake.

And while renting may not always be financially the most efficient long-term housing solution – a tenant’s current housing may not need a long-term solution, and renting is thus perfect. We’re a mortgage company that advocates for renting when renting is the proper solution. That’s not only rare, it’s unheard of as a Free Service for First Time home buyers.

Owning is Permanent.

Owning is Permanent.

Well, not forever. But it distinctly CAN be a mistake to purchase in certain situations. If we can head these mistakes off, or at least awaken a potential buyer that they are heading into waters with below-surface currents, then we’ve succeeded in our advisory capacity. We call these $100,000 mistakes. The mistakes can delay retirement by decades, they cause health-affecting stress levels, they part family relationships, they cause people to make short-term choices that affect their career and quality of life.

Understanding how Real Estate is a Different Asset Class.

Real Estate is a Different Asset Class.

Real estate differs from any other investment or financial product that a future buyer has yet to encounter. It’s in a league different from a car purchase, health + life insurance, 401k plans, or wealth management. Real estate is a full “at risk” asset class. Losses from real estate can exceed the cost (or mortgage balance) or equity on the house or condo you are about to buy.

This means once the dust settles on a mistake, you may have surviving debt…. but no house.

Houses or condos are not liquid.

And there is no market to dispose of real estate in an inexpensive or instantaneous fashion. No “Click To Sell” button. There is also no way to acquire a home or condo efficiently, no “Buy It Now” feature. Companies have tried but these services such as Zillow’s Instant Offer and Rocket’s Push Button, Get Mortgage have all been debunked as scams and have either been pulled from the market or caused corporate bankruptcy.

People are susceptible to many inaccurate boasts in real estate:

“I sold my house in one day.”
No, you didn’t. It was staged, photographed, listed in the MLS, toured 40 times across two weekends of open houses, and offers consolidated into one (due by) date. Next, the offers get reviewed and negotiated before being selected. A home inspection, appraisal, title work (even for a cash buyer), and underwriting for financing takes approximately another 60 days for a total timeline of 3 months or a full quarter year.

“I got a cash offer for my house.”
More likely the buyer took a mortgage but simply elected to waive their financing contingency which is a total contradiction to cash. Or maybe in fact the buyer needed no mortgage – but the purchase was contingent upon the sale of the house they were previously living in (home sale contingency) which stacks up deals like dominoes with potential for $50,000 deposit grabbing failure. Or they used a Line of Credit.

Homes are Not Homogenized.

Homes are Not Homogenized.

Even for a condominium in a 100-unit complex, there will always be a top-floor unit (no upstairs unit) and a bottom-floor “garden style” unit (where standing water from a leaves-clogged-storm-drain can seep under a glass slider door). Some units will have views of a dumpster, others a skyline. Some unties had decades of a resident incontinent cat (new carpets!) others years of pre-vape cigarette smoke (3rd hand smoke) masked with a “freshly painted!” description.

Homes in a subdivision all built by the same builder are different. The supplies arrived from China in different years and months of being built (Chinese drywall, vermiculite insulation, radiant heat failure), the house lots have different elevations, pitch and slopes, passing headlights illuminate some homes but not others, and some dumpster abutters get used to 3 AM wakeups.

Does a listing or BUYER’s agent need to tell you of a nearby sex offender? Nope. That’s on you to research.

How about a High-Hazard Flood zone due to an underground river? Won’t the home inspector clue you in on the flood map? Sorry – it’s not part of their job description.

You get the point. Due-diligence is YOU-diligence.

The Emotional Aspect of Housing.

The Emotional Aspect of Housing.

No non-living thing has more emotion attached to it than your future home. Nothing. NOTHING.

Your strong 401k has a performance that may elate you. You can get excited over a President’s Day sale price on a new car (maybe it’s even a convertible) – but real estate is a canvas for your life performance for a defined period of your journey. It’s where you may swoon a potential spouse, and create meal recipes that get handed to the next generation (my mother’s lasagna), it’s where celebrations and pains are all processed. Graduation and passing.

A future home purchase is worthy of a Written Plan. And following it. It can be done accidentally (reactionary) or well-planned (deliberately). We recommend the latter. This is one of the more important stages in our Free Services for First Time home buyers.

The Path to Homeownership.

The Path to Homeownership.

The journey is not linear and it is fraught with emotion. Many younger future homeowners have not played in such an intensely similar arena prior to home purchase.

As true real estate experts assisting first-time home buyers, we can help you develop the game plan. To keep you on track when the inevitable distractions present.

The Mortgage Money.

The Mortgage Money.

It’s what we do. 25 years ago, we earned the trust of the Massachusetts Division of Banks and they granted us a license to do what we do as a mortgage broker. And we need to re-earn that trust annually. We feel privileged and are honored to proudly display that license.

Nobody arranges financing with more compassion than we do. Not everyone needs compassion, but I promise you, it only helps the home-buying process when your guide actually takes notes of your expressed destination.

Our working case studies have highlighted how jagged edges first appear. We help you file those edges off before you become ensnared causing unnecessary expenses and torching emotion. Learning from other people’s prior mistakes is a brilliant way to navigate life. And home buying.

The mortgage process is never more complicated than the shape of a three-legged stool. It may be conveyed in a more complicated process, but it always boils down to these three items.

  1. A stool needs all three legs to stand.
  2. A stool with two legs is a balancing act and isn’t a stool.
  3. A post with only a seat is made, but your two feet serve the other two points of context

If you were diagnosing an engine problem its causes reside in the:

  1. Fuel
  2. Air
  3. Spark

An engine needs all three attributes to operate.

In mortgage-land, those crucial attributes are:

  1. Credit
  2. Income
  3. Assets

A conventional mortgage requires all three components to fund. (Looking for a Non-Qualified Mortgage (non-QM) solution? That’s not us).

Let’s break this down into its reduced equivalent. Then by the bottom of this section, you’ll have a confidence-boosting understanding of the mortgage process.

Leg One: An Applicant’s Credit.

Let’s start with conveying a basic understanding of who credit was created for (hint: not for you, the consumer). Credit is sold as a commodity. It’s sold to mortgage lenders (the buyers) to help mitigate risk. Lenders need to pay for access your credit report (a joint credit report with a FICO score in 2024 is around $120) and selling it becomes a for-revenue business model. Understanding this, you’ll know better how to handle + respect credit.

Credit is a mechanical and predictable process in the home-buying process. It’s processed and treated the same for every person. It has to be, by law.

While we are not credit counselors, we do have an understanding of the driving force of FICO scoring. Between here and home, there is a credit hurdle that needs to be cleared. You need someone who is going to show you where to begin, the steps to take, and the discipline to enact to help you achieve your target FICO score.

Leg Two: Income and Employment

There are lending black-out periods for applicants doing certain work types.

First, we establish these “no-fly” zones. Then we erase all vulnerabilities before you go live as a buyer. We also assist with engineering on how-far-an-income-can-take-a-future-buyer. From there, we help you institute a warning track to where the income begins to run out of fuel.

Side hustle? We’ll need to know that.
Temporary employee? Separate qualification.
Getting ready to change jobs? We need to speak about that first.

Leg Three: Equity and Downpayment

This is one of the more intimidating parts of deciding to buy a house. We reduce the stress of such a large project into manageable bites. Action items that can be taken to achieve the goal over time.

The list is endless, but one suggestion involved the purchase of a custom coffee maker to help a future buyer stay out of the Starbucks drive-thru which had become a significant budgetary leak for her.

As part of our free Services for First Time home buyers we explore down payment assistance, and single premium Mortgage Insurance (paid through a Sellers Concession) to lower required down payments but not inflate monthly carrying costs.

Beyond Pre-Approval and Pre-Qualifying.

Beyond Pre-Approval and Pre-Qualifying.

We bulletproof our clients with a suit of armor and walk alongside them as their personal protection. Our application may have a case file ID from Frannie Mae with a Property Inspection Waiver (PIW), or Freddie Mac has returned to us automated underwriting feedback with a one-year-tax-return requirement. And you’ve obtained advance confidence on the home’s condition before submitting your offer.

When the inevitable demand to waive a Home Inspection and Financing Contingency comes along, we’ve already discussed those possibilities and have a plan in waiting. The letters we issue are custom-prepared for each property of interest.

We make ourselves fully accessible to the sellers’ representative to answer questions. We know without being able to take the call from the listing agent, there is a missing link in their complete circuit… significantly decreasing the likelihood your offer will be accepted.

The list of support services we provide for our buyers is endless. And it’s custom.

Building the Correct Team.

Building the Correct Team.

It’s been said by the GoldCoast staff perhaps 500 times:
“The success of the home buying process is directly dependant upon the quality of team involved to represent the buyer.”

Using a national Buyers Broker Service or a Mortgage Company in a different time zone with out-of-state employees manned by international call centers? Your dream house is going to be awarded to someone else. It really is.

These service providers are silently classified in the real estate industry as non-reliable. But no one will ever tell you that. Your pre-approval letter will simply be overlooked. On every offer. Maybe you’ll wonder why. Or perhaps you’ll blame it on “the market.”

But for you to unfold this complicated road map to homeownership, you’ll need boots on the ground.
Please allow us to help you build that team.

Buyers, Brokers, and Home Buyers Agents.

Buyers, Brokers, and Home Buyers Agents.

Realtors and buyers brokers have long since played in the journey towards home ownership. But that’s all changed now. For the better.

Never…Ever…Start your journey with a buyers broker directly. Even if they’re your cousin. Especially if they’re your cousin. Anyone looking for a signed contract up-front is trying to capture your commitment before they’ve earned it (and before you’ve even decided you’re committing to).

If you know the BTS sales funnel (it’s a meat grinder) – you’ll learn that by enlisting with certain buyer brokers you’re in for hundreds of automated text messages, robocalls, and assault of emails that will have your dopamine running at near toxic level (none of which has been initiated by a human) – simply by inquiring with the wrong party.

Just look at all the “Sponsered Ad” in the web search inquiries. Mortgage companies pay close to $100 per click to capture your attention. Buyers brokers pay even more. Companies pay for “trigger leads” at close to $200 a pop. No wonder they are so relentless in trying to hook you as a client.

So where do you begin the journey? Let’s hope it’s here, with us, now.

Of the services and attributes that you’d want a Buyers Brokers to perform, most home buyer services come free – already included in your future relationship with GoldCoast Mortgage.

Personalized Attention

We offer live phone pickup. Our staff share in answering the calls. When was the last time someone recognized the sound of your voice before you said who you were?

Our mission is front & center on our website homepage. It’s BEFORE we explain what we do for work.

We pitch in and cover for when the person you are looking for is at lunch or with another customer.

There’s no app or one-size-fits-all solution for your home ownership quest. Every journey is unique and custom to our customers’ goals. If we tried to force you along a technological process. (Think: a billable conveyor belt at other institutions), we would fail to learn your driving desires. If we miss that, then we failed you. This review details our free services for First Time home buyers:

Actual public client review from a family who utilized free first time home buyer services: 
…team were amazing. Was referred to him when we were thinking about purchasing a home. He helped us get everything in order before we started the process to get us the best rates and pre approval possible. We stayed in constant contact through the home buying process. The whole team is very knowledgeable and helpful. Answered all our questions in an informative and professional manner and they never made me feel like I has a stupid question.  You’re not a mortgage from a big box mortgage company, you’re getting a mortgage from a small local team who cares about their clients and make you feel at home when going into their office.  He remembered my sons name and details about our life we had spoke about previously. A few years after we bought our home, he reached out out when mortgage rates went down and helped us refinance our home to get a better rate as well as dropping our PMI years sooner than we thought we would. Highly recommend them to anyone thinking about buying a home. Thanks team at GoldCoast Mortgage!

Market Expertise

It’s not uncommon for the First Time Homebuyers we represent to be buying the home of a client with a GoldCoast-originated mortgage. Sometimes, we play off-market matchmaker, other times we may have introduced the seller to their listing realtor. Or give a buyers broker a heads up on which door to knock on.

In one case, I asked a year+ long frustrated shopper to drive by an address while we were on the phone. Now in front of the house, our buyer said he “Loved It.” I called the owner (also a client of ours getting ready to sell) and he came outside to meet the buyer of his home. They struck up a deal on the sidewalk in Essex, MA.

The image to the left, I created for our clients, Pablo and Dahianna, to demonstrate the effect of a flightpath on their prospective new home. I explained large jets come and go with no restriction (24/7) at this airport.

While Wenham is a sleepy little town, some nights you just aren’t falling back asleep after an engine roar so close that if you were standing on your back deck, you could see the wheels treads of a Gulfstream’s landing gear. How do we know these things? Years on the job. Research like this is included in out free services for first time home buyers

There’s a single street in Beverly, where we’ve provided 24 mortgages. How does something like this happen? Each of the clients met us via separate introductions.

There are other streets with just as many GoldCoast clients. There aren’t many streets that we don’t know where they are or have some level of experience on the specific street.

What’s the likelihood we can introduce you directly to the seller of the home you want to buy if this is your target neighborhood or street?

Property Previewing

It’s amazing how many 100% public record research tools are available, yet appear to be hidden in plain sight.

Even without MLS access you can, within minutes, identify the seller, estimate their mortgage balance, determine everything we should know about direct attributes, and check for high-hazard flood areas (hint – it has very little to do with the saltwater and the ocean), and cross-reference zoning, usage, amenities, and ownership history.

It wasn’t uncommon for us to accompany our mortgage clients on showings and home inspections. One of the biggest victories in house-hunting is the house you could have bought, yet you didn’t buy. Guidance like this is part of our free services for first time home buyers.

Your ability to walk away when the game starts to look rigged against you. Perseving your options is one of your most valuable assets.

Property Access

Over the decades, we have been on deals with many of the real estate agents who regularly work in our footprint. An agent should recognize the stationery of our Pre-Qualification letter that we generate. If they do not, we make ourselves easily available to help appease their fear of working with an unknown mortgage company.

We like to think our letters evoke a sensation of confidence when a home seller receives one in accompaniment of an offer you are submitting.

If we’ve had the chance to work with a Listing Agent in the past, then our service level, sincerity, and follow-through are already known – which works well on your behalf. Our goal is to get you ahead of the stampede.

This weekend, the listing broker of a home our client was offering on, agreed to shut down the scheduled open house with an accepted offer. How can the emotional value of that extension of trust even be calculated? That’s part of our free services for first time home buyers.

Referral Services

The key here is humility. Followed by longevity and confidence. We know that we’re not the experts in every type of mortgage. A doctor cannot be the best heart surgeon AND an award-winning podiatrist. But then there’s the type of person who thinks they can. You know the type.

We’re not them.

If an assignment is out of our expertise zone, then our involvement only becomes a hindrance to your goal. For us to learn a new product – on your watch – then the learning curve becomes expensive for you. It has to.

The people who try to be all things to all people – those are the people who will lead a project over the edge of a terrace and take their subscribers with them. It’s a mess. And with a checked ego, it’s always avoidable.

The other reason folks will try to harness every opportunity that trots by is desperation. A form of a scarcity mindset. They don’t want to miss the deal profit – even if it’s not a client they can service well, they want to handcuff the client (and the associated revenue) and not provide access to a true service professional.

Ever seen a residential listing broker advertisement showing a commercial storefront for lease, in the same ad as a beach cottage for sale? What message is that sending? Or a mortgage Loan Officer claims that they can help everyone? All types! The listed product offerings crowd out the page like an uncategorized shopping list. Enough already.

Our business practice, our pledge, of our free services for first time home buyers has been to refer to a specialist whenever the topic begins to exceed our capability.

The longevity piece pertains to monitoring the performance of non-professionals in the real estate space. The functioning alcoholics. The disbarred attorneys who resurface in a sales role. The FINRA censured wealth managers now cashing checks for a franchised networking organization. There are many. I call this a reverse referral. When we caution you that person you’re engaging with hasn’t passed the requirements of professionalism and service. Our boots-on-the-ground daily, for years, neigh, decades, can provide you insight into who is likely to demonstrate a raging temper tantrum… at age 63.

Our referral network is strong and fluid.

As companies are acquired or professionals change firms their operation dynamic changes. The culture is new. The costs and expenses are structured differently. Those changes need to be observed and monitored.

I’ve discovered the value of solid referrals early in my career. That’s why we don’t give out three names for you to ship and compare. IMHO, that shows a lack of trust and questionable confidence in any (all?) of the referred names. It also wastes time and energy for both your customer and the professionals being interviewed. Wouldn’t it be possible at that point if the client then allows the selection criteria to come down to a price, not quality of service? What else would a consumer know to ask about other than price?

Instead, how about: “Here’s the phone number of the person best suited to make your problem go away as soon as possible.”

The reason GoldCoast owns a high-capacity sump pump is when a basement flooding rain rolls into town a client can call the fire department for a pump out, only to discover they are 317th on the pump-out list spanning 8 days (true story) causing further severe damage. We offer the use of our sump pump for free for our 6,000 homeowners at any time, especially when it is needed most.

A high windstorm knocked down hundreds of trees in our country, one through the roof of our client’s house. He called GoldCoast for a referral. We were able to get a crane at his house the same day. Substantially ahead of the public waiting list of several days.

Home Inspectors, Attorney’s, CPA’s, insurance of all types? Sure those are easy.

How about infesting flying squirrels? Wood boring insects that knock to attract a mate? Or is your oil burner technician not calling back after 3 days with no heat?

We know the experts. But more importantly, we know the service experts.


Do you really want me to answer your call when I’m (legally) driving 65 MPH with cars on all sides of me? Or do you want me to speak with you while I’m in line for take-out food or in another similar highly public location? The indiscretion demonstrated to me on an hourly basis is nearly comical. I hear medical, psychological, political and financial information flying everywhere. Recently, I heard a scientist in my building exclaim,

“We’ve been chasing this for 10 years. We finally captured a sample from a vent in Yosemite.”

When I’m with someone or doing something that mandates my control, am I really delivering to you the service level you require? Can you tell when the person on the other end of the phone is otherwise engaged or multitasking? How does that make you feel? What if my client is confiding with me about a divorce and I have him on speaker phone on my end with another person quietly present? Is that form of a lie?

We believe it is.

It’s also wrong to imply you’re being given attention and service when you’re really not.

Our accessibility comes in the form of quality. It is correct to say that when I’m with another client, I won’t be interrupted to take your call. And when I’m with YOU, I’m not going to put you on hold or ask to call you back.

My preferred location to plan and strategize is one on one at your choice of locations. Often it is our client’s preference to speak by phone or video conference. We accommodate those requests with prompt-to-the-minute scheduling. Our clients have access to us off-hours (we’ve done a lion’s share of evening pre-approval appointments), over the weekends, and certainly at times when a deal tends to get exciting. That’s our free services for first time home buyers for you!

But I say this – when we give you our attention, you get it all. Not a half-distracted, wind-whipped microphone on a golf tee, or your need to ever ask us… “where are you?

Negotiation Expertise

Every interaction and every communication in real estate is in the form of a sales process. For you to win the bidding on your future home, you’ll need to have everything in alignment.

You’ll need to know the rules of engagement and be willing to learn them or be taught.

Our clients win more bids (as a percentage) than clients of other mortgage companies. Why?

We strategize. We roll play. We’ve practiced and rehearsed. Talked it through. When the odd-ball reply comes back from the seller, we’ve already anticipated it, and are relaxed and composed in our response to it. Our coaching is a free service for first time home buyers.

Negotiation is an art. We are your coach. Never not by your side during the entire process. ‘Nuf said.

Due Diligence

Let’s call it Diligence Payable in the sense of – we owe it to you. Our lessons learned from our prior transactions (yes, there have been plenty of stinging failures) become intellectual property that we can pass along to our current and future clients.

Wire fraud? It’s real. Use an attorney to help minimize your risk. The DIY folks may save a few dollars on certain legal fees, but they will never realize the complex trap that has been built for them. $250 saved on legal work may not cost a scam victim an extra two decades of commuting to work, long past their expected retirement age.

We’ve seen ferociously desperate sellers trying to offload their environmentally contaminated property in their “one last move” before fleeing to Florida with a suitcase of cash. Lies told that you just couldn’t not believe.

Or the deep 7-figure home with a non-disclosed contaminated aquifer? Yeah, that was GoldCoast that discovered that – allowing our clients to back out of the acid-plagued-tapwater house (instead they bought an amazing forever home in Boxford, and instead the smell from the fruitwood burning in the fireplace, not sulfur in the shower).

An airpod-wearing sales jockey juggling two phone calls more often than one phone call won’t even know what hit him. But he’ll certainly just say it wasn’t his fault when he missed it.

What would you pay for service like this?


It’s included for Free in our services for First Time home buyers.

Privacy and Discretion

Heck, I’d rather just demonstrate it than try to tell you all about it. Our Google reviews should also set the tone for you.

Post-Purchase Support

When your keys are slid across the table and the deed bearing your name has been indexed in the deed library, GoldCoasts’ primary mission is complete.

We stay accessible to you for a multitude of purposes indefinitely (same phone number and email address for 25 years). Our ongoing free services for First Time home buyers include these purposes:

  • Setting financial goals of paying off a mortgage by a specific date, perhaps to coincide with retirement.
  • Retrieving documents used in the purchase transaction for tax purposes, or other future needs.
  • Preserving a primary point of contact for all parties involved in the home purchase.
  • Referrals to “all things real estate” related including trust and estate needs or physical property upgrades.
  • Opportunities to swap out financing for more efficient terms, if they arrive (rate reduction refinance).
  • Roll playing “next chapters” for selling the home and moving to a new one.
  • Creating community harmony. Our Instagram page has virtually nothing mortgage or financial-related. It’s entirely focused on local lifestyle such as finding the hidden corners of New England, showcasing the unmarked yet PUBLIC right-of-ways to some of the most scenic vistas you may have never discovered otherwise, and rare and interesting events.

Enlisting a Buyers Brokers to represent you may become imperative. Or it may not be.

Your specific situation will determine your need for a Buyers Agent, or not.

The 2024 NAR Settlement Realtor lawsuit has provided additional options for you as a consumer. Previously the Department of Justice observed actions by the National Association of Realtors such as:

  • Limiting access to lockboxes that provide licensed brokers physical access to a home that is for sale to only those real estate brokers who are members of a NAR-affiliated MLS (“NAR’s Lockbox Policy”).
  • Enabling buyer brokers to filter MLS listings based on the level of buyer broker commissions from consideration by potential home buyers (“NAR’s Commission-Filter Rules and Practices”); and
  • Prohibiting multiple listing services (“MLSs”) from disclosing to prospective buyers the amount of commission that the buyer broker will earn if the buyer purchases a home listed on the MLS (“NAR’s Commission Concealment Rules”);
  • Allow buyer brokers to mislead buyers into thinking that buyer broker services are free (“NAR’s Free-Service Rule”);

The post-lawsuit settlement will provide options to benefit the Home Buyers and shield them from the above conspiratory practices.

We believe these options are ALL GOOD.

The Buyer Agent will now need to disclose their compensation upfront (in writing) AND be prepared to provide a service level that justifies that fee. For instance, a low service level Buyers Agent may simply provide access to MLS listings and write offers – and expect compensation on the low end of the available scale. A resourceful full-service broker, including physical attendance at all showings, will command a higher fee.

Following the NAR Settlement and changes to MLS commission disclosures and practices many of the fake-it-’til-you-make-it Buyers Agents have slithered on to other ventures. Those not confident enough to declare a cost for their time and services, and explain why they deserve it, have moved on, most likely to salaried, non-commission roles.

Each day, our clientele takes a step towards buying their first home and we work with brokers for home buyers several times per day. We’d be honored to introduce you to a Buyers Agent in your area. This will be a Buyers Agent who is confident, proven, and will fit specifically into the service level (and price) you are seeking. Our free home buying services become a bonded duo with the correct buyers broker.

One thing we’ll never do?

Pass you three business cards for three home-buyers brokers and expect you to do that vetting. Folks who engage in this three-card handout scheme do so because they are afraid of the backlash they could receive in the event that a recommendation goes wrong.

The home buying services we perform will provide you with a single recommendation to a Buyers Broker.

The one we feel in our hearts is the correct match for you.

This match will be based on what we know about you and what we know about that Buyer Broker. We aim the match the tempo/personality type as well as other characteristics that may help your project move along smoothly. Will they be the cheapest cost? Never. Cheap overlooks important attributes in a first-time homebuyer broker including their ability to listen, understand your home buying goals, and engage in a strategic relationship.

If we are mistaken (yes it happens) we will eagerly solicit feedback from you. If you’ll allow it still, we’ll provide you with another introduction to a home buyer agent based on learnings from where we went wrong.

But as for us, trying to pass the buck (in our area of specialty) back to you (where you’re distinctly not a specialist) THAT should be considered a censurable offense.

Let’s get this thing moving.

Seeking to gain your real estate foothold?
We got you.