Simply put, our business exists because of you.

Specifically you; who are taking the time and your attention to read this piece.

GoldCoast can trace our market endurance back to early individual extensions of trust granted by customers, to us, in arranging financing for a home purchase for themselves, or their family. There were specific handshakes, that without you, you would not be reading this web page because we would not be in business. While I’d love to list them all here, I’d be taking the clip out of a spring loaded mechanically driven Swiss watch. But if I could only name ONE person, that would be Attorney Dave Peterson, thank you Dave.

If your relationship with GoldCoast goes back more than a decade you’ll know that this story wasn’t written without co-founders Rick Collin’s authorship (Richard R. Collin, Jr. – June 30, 1964 to February 28, 2011). Without Rick’s direct action, the phrase GoldCoast Mortgage becomes nothing more than exhaled words trapped in the 1990’s inside a defunct Rantoul Street barroom. Not a day goes by that we are not impacted by either Rick’s words (“Rick-ism’s”) or his actions. Rest in Peace Rick.

Now our industry continues to evolve and a mortgage of the future will look different than those of today. However, our willingness to help, share and guide will remain unchanged. Our differentiating propulsion resides in our structure (broker) and our Client-Centric-Mission.

Through the early millennium, our ability to solve problems in real estate worked out well for many clients that they felt compelled to ask us to solve problems for people they cared about. Those referrals kept coming and coming, and we were honored and humbled; every Monday when turning the lights on for another week, and every Friday watering the plants and taking the trash out for another weekend. All this without even any advertising. Our lack of advertising expense allowed us to keep our rate offerings to the lowest level available.

Then we began to be asked about issues we didn’t have expertise on; our growth came only when we declared where we were not capable. Those were difficult conversations and redirecting a billable client to another firm can feel awkward, but we made that a prerequisite for us when we can’t excel in a specific category.

Through our journey we’ve financed the equivalent of every single home in more than one Essex County town

Retaining our focus allows us to not become distracted with other recipes. We cook one meal only, and we cook it to perfection. That took a lot of pressure off our team of trying to be all things to all people. Our clients found it refreshing too. Wouldn’t it be relieving to know that your baker, ‘straight up’ tells you she can’t accommodate a gluten free request than trying to bake that for you?

Through our journey we’ve financed the equivalent of every single home in more than one Essex County town; hence our observations become valuable to our future clients. We’re twenty years local and know most street names in the county. If there was a Quiz Show featuring this county, you’d want us on your team!

We remain gratefully loyal to you,
for your interest in us.