HOA Score Description

What is the Home Ownership Aptitude Score?

Intuitive predictive scoring helps guide processes and decisions.

Mostly, Predictive Scores are designed for the benefit of corporations to reduce their risk (think: insurance, lending, and banking industries). 

Our Home Ownership Aptitude Score is one of the first scores designed and engineered for the sole and direct use of the consumer.  And it’s free to you.

Who even does that? …. where’s the catch? Is it like RobinHood or Facebook where the data is being stored and analyzed to be later used against me?

I’m not going to use the word transparent. I don’t like it (the word) and each time I read it, I feel there is a deeper non-disclosed layer. Instead, I’ll say this, we don’t record your data and we don’t reverse market to you or even use cookies on your browser for our benefit. And we certainly don’t have any marketing “partners”.

How’s this for RAW HONESTY:

Our business strategy is to generously disburse our knowledge in real estate without even a hint of an expectation of client engagement. 

I’m hoping that if everything aligns well and you recognize our generosity that you’ll be (voluntarily) one step closer to becoming a future customer of ours (we are experts in Mortgage Financing). 

Our Home Ownership Aptitude Score is a continuation of that generosity. 

Access the score, no strings attached HERE, or continue reading if you want more information on the background of our proprietary score.

Background. Without intention, two skill + data sets wound up on my desk:

  1. For a half decade I helped design predictive index models with a scoring component output for an international company that (at the time) owned the 2nd largest database in the world.
  2. And for the most recent two decades my chair has been situated on the ring of the firepit involved in 10’s of thousands of conversations about homeownership and financing.

From both of these skill sets was born our Home Ownership Aptitude Score. Unique and proprietary to GoldCoast. A bit, shall we say, disruptive.

If a lightning bolt, “T” bus, or falling safe should show up lethally, I presumed it would be best to have previously culled this concept from my cranium, script it out, and apply it for your benefit.

If you’re curious about Home Ownership I’d be honored if you gave our score a test flight. My promise: No Strings Attached. 

If you value the output, your call is welcome. Always. Anytime. But no pressure from us and no follow-up sales calls (we don’t even ask for your phone number).

Assuring you of my complete attention always,

John Donlon 

Access our Home Ownership Aptitude Score HERE.