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HOA Score FAQs

Your Home Ownership Aptitude (HOA) score is determined using intuitive predictive scoring and will help guide your decision to buy a home or continue renting.

Click here if you want more information on the background of our proprietary score.

You are automatically emailed your results free of charge. Employees of GoldCoast Mortgage also have access to your results, but we do not share or reuse your information - not even for marketing purposes. Access our privacy policy here.

Our business strategy is to generously disburse our knowledge in real estate without even a hint of an expectation of client engagement. Our Home Ownership Aptitude Score is a continuation of that generosity.

We hope that if everything aligns well that you’ll be one step closer to becoming a future customer of ours because we are experts in Mortgage Financing.

Some appropriate answers may not apply directly to your situation. Simply select the closest choice to your exact answer if an exact one isn't listed.

The score you will be given is approximate. While we consider the development of our score depth-ful, insightful and sincere, please do not use it as the basis for any financial or lifestyle decisions.

Yes, you can start now and finish later. Even if you close your browser window your answers will be remembered - as long as you use the same browser each time.

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