Working As A Mortgage Loan Originator

How is GoldCoast different than other mortgage companies?

We are unlike other companies in our industry. In truth, we are, at the core, different than any other business or business model.

What makes the GoldCoast business model unique?

We don’t sell. Ever. We add true value and solve problems, yet we are detached from the outcome of making a sale. If our clients perceive value in our services, they will engage us professionally. We lead with value; our clients, the resulting financing, and our revenues all fall into place.

Are you worried your competitors would try to duplicate your model?

We’d be honored if they did. If our industry, or if salespeople in general stepped up their game, it would be a smashingly more enjoyable experience to buy a home, engage in the financing, or hire any service provider.

Do you have any advice for new loan officers?

Yes. Learn as much as you can about the home buying and financing process. Then be yourself; forget you ever watched Glengarry Glen Ross. Unlearn everything you think you know about selling. Leave your mortgage toolbox in the car trunk when on an appointment. Preach value, goals, intellectual property, lessons, and remember … this isn’t about you. Detach from the sale and the commission.

That sounds a little too metaphysical….

Perhaps it is. But I’ve been “called on” by hundreds of salespeople lugging a toolbox saying, “I’m going to show you a quick PowerPoint on why we’re better.” or “we can do that cheaper and quicker than our competitor.”


That’s a gruelingly long crawl for folks selling in that style. Decades of slogging through, “Pop By’s”, “You busy?” and “got a quick sec?”. Instead – imagine being summonsed to your future client’s office because they are truly addicted to your offerings, rather than you begging for an appointment and then when you arrive only to be given partial attention by your prospect.

What’s your secret?

If you allow me to be slightly immodest, I’ll tell you that I eagerly start my day before sunrise, excited for my interactions. We have converted over a billion dollars of concepts and goals into realities. Yet I have never door knocked, cold called, or sold anything to anyone …. from day one.

Was there an awakening?

No. This needs to come from your heart. It’s not for everyone. I’ve been blessed with a few mentors along the way that have led me indirectly to travel along this path, and they only mildly hinted – to be honest, I needed to be very present in order to have picked up on their messages. Being “present” is an art that I work on every day with my team, my partners, and my family.

Care to credit any of them?

Mr. Littlefield, the Dad. I also knew the granddad and know the son and now the grandsons. But the Dad would talk to the teenage me like I was an adult. A perfect role model. He created a legacy from a single sales job, yet never “worked” or “sold” a day in his life. He lives on through the people he touched.

What’s with the Wagoneer?

A long but good story for coffee sometime.