Mortgage Loan Officer

Searching for a Mortgage Loan Officer

GoldCoast Mortgage is looking for a Mortgage Loan Officer looking for a higher level of Fulfillment.

We have become expert guides at the journey of transitioning from Transactional loan origination to a full Relational-Based environment. We hear many companies talk about relationship-based sales, however in it’s true definition, it’s nearly extinct from the planet. Allow us to introduce that concept to you.

Our Loan Officers operate in an environment fully devoid of “selling”. While this doesn’t mean that you can be unprepared or forgo prospecting, it means that you won’t need to sweat the close. Our clients typically volunteer to become customers.

To get to this utopia stage in your career you must not be shy of long hours and operating outside of your comfort zone. In fact, if you bring your existing comfort zone this roll won’t work for you.

It’s a different way of working. It starts with an email or phone call to schedule a cup of coffee.


John Donlon

JDonlon “at” GoldCoastMortgage “dot” com