"Making home ownership better, easier, and more affordable since 1999"

OUR MISSION is to make certain that you succeed at your real estate goals. To do so we need to learn your objectives. We genuinely enjoy learning about your goals and seeing if we can help. We won’t chase, sell, or obligate you. Ever.  If your goals lead you to another mortgage lender or bank we will support the decision to pursue that path.                           

Some of the goals our clients pursue are:

Obtaining a low interest rate – our broker platform allows you access to the financial marketplace instead of you needing to use time shopping different lenders and banks, all posting credit inquires, asking for fees and begging for your business.

Closing on Time – the financial penalties for missing a deadline can be severe. Choose your team wisely. The nimbleness and accountability of members of a hand selected staff can run circles under the legs of corporate giants.

Warning you of blind spots – Consumers can be sitting ducks to alligators in the water. We could write a book on errors we’ve seen. It’s not that we don’t mind sharing our guidance; we enjoy doing it. We’ve become a magnetic for employees with a generous heart. For our staff to help you circumvent a fail is their ultimate victory.

Prior mistakes and observations become intellectual property that you can benefit from. Most cases we can provide intel on your prospective town, neighborhood, and sometimes even street or condo project.

Trusting their Service Provider – People declare themselves over decades. We encourage you to Google us individually and corporately. In fact, Google any person who is going to potentially effect your quality of life. When you engage communication if you are feeling pressure (any) that’s a hint you may be misaligned.


Mortgage Bubble 2019?

In 2008 when the real estate rollercoaster clack, clack, clacked its way up to the peak there was too much going on for most people to be aware the drop was imminent, myself included.

In 2019 I’m asked on a daily basis if we are in the equivalent of an iridescent bubble floating towards the gleaming point of a pin prick; or are we on a hot air balloon that will gently float back down to the ground? Or will real estate continue to grow in value in the short term?

Pop or a float, the general consensus is that a major real estate correction is coming. Almost everyone see’s or senses it, even folks without a real estate interest.

So what do we do? How to we benefit from a reset? And how do you protect yourself?

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