Mortgage Applications for Families

It took us a while to settle into a specialty, or a niche. In the early days of GoldCoast, twenty years ago, we wrote many mortgage applications for full-time professional Landlords. Now we don’t.


Because we couldn’t be the best at it. Banks offered cross collateralization and ability to close in the name of a corporation, but we couldn’t. Now we gladly make a referral to an institution who we are confident will provide exceptional work.

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When we stripped off all the things we weren’t good at (like loans for large landlords), it allowed us to shine, like no other company on the planet, on what we specialize in.

Our Team provides the best guidance in existence on first position, fixed rate mortgages for a home that you live in, or vacation to, to buy or refinance.

At the same time we signed a commitment to keeping our cost structure low. Our financial frugality shows up in the grin-producing interest rates we present to our clients. But make no mistake about it, we are anything but frugal in our time, guidance, advice and willingness to share our experiences for your benefit.