Mortgage PreQualification

Getting PreQualified for a Mortgage

Our future clients are single people, couples or families. We have surfed the mortgage industry up (and down) and enjoy sharing our lessons for the benefit of our clients, and even many that will never become our clients.

We are a Mortgage Broker – this means you would become a client of GoldCoast Mortgage and we would pursue a mortgage offering on your behalf (we don’t actually lend the money – we just arrange the best terms available in the marketplace). We don’t hit you for upfront fees or obligate you financially. Two decades into this we find it best to keep the interaction voluntary – rather than obligated; until you decide we are worthy to be on your team.

The good thing is that is that we have a vast toolbox to draw solutions from and a cache of experiences that act as architecture to as-perfect-a-transaction-as-can-be-obtained.

Our direct involvement and ability to add significant value can start up to a year before your intended move. Some purchases are quicker. But all cases are unique.

We, too, could build an app to process this stage of process – show you a status bar of your data input fields and declare “Almost Finished!” but we’d both miss out. Why?

An app doesn’t allow details about pets or family or hobbies – these are all crucial to the discussion and for accessing our guidance. How would a first-time home buyer know to ask about the risks of a shared driveway, a non-warrantable condo, well water quality, or a pending town council vote regarding your future neighbor.

Your discussion with us can be done over the phone, or over coffee. On hours, or off hours. Weekday, night or weekend.

It’s logical to think or ask, “Does a mortgage broker cost more?” We’re very aware of the industry costs and where our competitors are for pricing. To be the best mortgage broker possible it requires us to make the home as affordable as possible. So we stand behind our ability to compete (and win) with our peers in the industry which include Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Lenders, and internet mortgage companies.

As for our secret weapons? We’ve got plenty based on experience but our best ones are named Jessica Hannon, Matt Teeter, and Jeff Rolke.